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Resolve issues with a bank feed

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How to resolve issues with a bank feed in Sage Accounting.


This article covers some common troubleshooting steps to:

  • Help you connect your bank feed
  • Help when transactions are not importing from your bank feed as expected


My bank feed has stopped working 

We have recently moved some of our bank feeds to open banking technology and turned off our older bank feeds. To continue importing transactions from your bank, you must disconnect and reconnect your bank feed.

To find out more or if you're not sure if this applies to you, Read our full discontinued bank feeds guide for more information on this >

Problems finding a bank feed for your bank

We have a bank feed connection for most bank accounts. Check whether a bank feed is available for your account >

If a bank feed isn't available for your account, we recommend checking again soon. New feeds get added regularly.

In the meantime, you can either:

Problems connecting a bank feed

Here's some troubleshooting tips if you're having problems connecting to your bank.

Problems with a bank feed you've already connected

Here are some troubleshooting steps when transactions are missing from your bank feed or have duplicated.

Still having problems?

If you are still having trouble with your bank feeds you can escalate your issue to our customer support team.

Use our bank feed escalation form here >

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