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How to download updates using Sage Accounts Production

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This guide advises how to download the latest version of the software from within Sage Accounts Production (SAP).


Check for updates

The easiest way to download the update is from within the software.

  • Open SAP. 
  • Click Help and click Check Internet for updates.
    • The Available updates window appears
    • If you can't see the update click Check Now.
  • Click Download, then click Install

NOTE: If you are on version 19 the software will prompt you to download version 21, version 20 can be skipped. The server will prompt the correct version based on the current installation.

Scenarios where updates don't appear

  • The Available updates window doesn't appear when you click Check Internet for updates. Read more >
  • The Check Internet for updates option isn't on the Help menu. Read more >
  • The Available updates window has no updates. Read more >
  • After you click Check Now, the download is stuck in a downloading status. Read more >
  • One computer successfully updated but prompted to locate an installer on the second computer. Read more >

Updates still do not appear - manual download available

If you use the UK version of SAP, refer to the following article >

If you use the Irish version of SAP, refer to the following article >

If you aren't sure which version you use, in SAP, click Help then click About, then click System Information

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