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What's new in Sage 200 Professional 2020 R2?

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Find out what's new in Sage 200 Professional 2020 R2.


Sage 200 is part of a global franchise which has a single vision and strategy across fourteen countries worldwide. Our go forward strategy is evolving, and our focus will be on the following three key elements, allowing us to deliver the right solution for our customers.

Product Strategy

1. Web enabling Sage 200 client with a choice of data deployment (on-premise  or on Microsoft Azure), delivering the following key elements:

  • Browser based client data entry
  • Microsoft Power Apps, BI & Flow functionality
  • Flexibility to customise to support business requirements
  • Choice of data deployment (Professional variant only)
  • Greater accessibility standards – supporting multiple browser / font sizing and scale / technology choice and power to run from tablets

2. Strengthening core accounting functionality & API development

  • Simplified experience and system flow
  • Focus on key accounting processes
  • Continued API development

3. Vertical specific propositions

  • Delivering the appropriate feature set for our customers, to support their industry requirements

Sage 200 2020 R2 was released on 22nd December 2020 for Sage 200 Professional.

Sage 200 is built on direct customer feedback with customers telling us that simplifying their business processes is key, whilst improving the user experience to become more productive on a daily basis is what really matters to them.

NOTE: These updates will also be provided to Sage 200 Extra Online. This was auto updated by Sage out of hours on 21 December 2020.


Highlights include:
  • Compliance updates to support the UK transition from the EU.
A detailed list of new features and benefits per module is provided within this guide:
Product updates to support the UK transition from the EU

Updates to the product to support the UK transition from the EU.

  • Postponed VAT Accounting - UK
    • New Vat Terms
    • New Vat Rates within Vat Rate Details section.
  • Updates to exiting VAT codes - UK:
    • VAT code 4
  • VAT Return – UK
    • Updated VAT label boxes – this won’t be visible on install as they don’t apply until 08 April 2021. This will be remotely activated by Sage for versions with this feature.
  • VAT Return – ROI
    • Introduction of PA1 box
    • Updated XML schema for VAT submission
    • Both of these features will be remotely activated by Sage in time for launch of legislation.
  • Intrastat
    • Removing the reliance on GB needing to be ticket as EU to generate the report.
  • Country List
    • New data sets / new installs - GB flagged as out outside of EU
    • 2 new country codes XI / XU

Helping prepare for the UK Transition

Sage 200 is here to help as the UK transitions to exit the EU. From Postponed VAT Accounting (New Vat Terms/ Rates), to Vat Returns, to Flagging GB as out outside of EU; Sage has you covered to enable you to continue running your business with minimal disruption.

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