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Set up Remote Data Access

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This guide explains how to work remotely from another computer using Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive) in Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 and above.


Share your data securely via the cloud giving you and other users the freedom to work anywhere with an Internet connection, and Sage 50cloud Accounts installed on their computer. Read more >


Before you start

Check requirements

We recommend you check the requirements needed to use Remote Data Access.

Backup your data

 NOTE: Just so you know Remote Data Access is not a backup service. You need to continue to take regular backups of your data > 

Upload your data to Remote Data Access

  1. Open Sage 50cloud Accounts and log in as MANAGER.
  2. Click Settings then click User Management and click Users.
  3. Click MANAGER then click Edit.
  4. If you've not yet connected your Sage account to this company, click Get started with Sage account to set this up.

    If this option doesn't appear, your Sage account is already connected.

  5. Click the Allow Remote Data Access check-box then click Continue.
  6. Enter and confirm the passphrase to be used when remote users connect to your data, then click Save
    For more information on the passphrase, refer to the passphrase section below.
  7. If prompted, enter your Sage account Email and Password click Log in.
    Your data will now upload to Remote Data Access.
  8. Once complete click Close.

You have now set up Remote Data Access. 

The Passphrase

The passphrase needs to be at least 15 characters in length and must contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase character. There is no maximum character length.

If you forget your Passphrase, the MANAGER or data owner can view this in Sage 50cloud Accounts. Click Remote Data Access Settings then click Show Password/Passphrase.

Next steps

You can now add other users as required and they can access the company data remotely.

NOTE: For every additional remote computer for other users to access data remotely from, you must add a separate Sage Account for them.


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