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Online submissions to HMRC

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How to submit Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC in Sage Payroll.


As an employer, you must submit your payroll information to HMRC when you pay your employees. This is Real Time Information (RTI).

These submissions keep HMRC’s records of your employee and payment details up to date. 


Use Sage Payroll to submit the following required forms to HMRC

Select each option to read more information about each submission:

To submit these reports to HMRC, you must have set up your Government Gateway credentials. You also need to enter them into Sage Payroll.

Find out how to set up your Government Gateway credentials and enter them into Sage Payroll.

If you want to watch a video that explains online submissions, you can do so below:

Set up your Sage Payroll to report to HMRC
  1. From Settings, select Payroll Settings.
  2. Review or edit the following information:
PAYE reference

Your employer PAYE reference, issued by HMRC when you register for PAYE for Employers.

Accounts Office reference

This is your 13 character reference number supplied by HMRC. You can find it on your P30BC payslip booklet or P30B letter.

HMRC reporting frequencyChoose whether you pay HMRC monthly or quarterly. If you’re unsure, contact HMRC's payment enquiry helpline (opens in a new tab).
HMRC payment methodChoose whether you pay HMRC by cheque or bank transfer.
  1. Select Save.