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Prepare to set a pension

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How to prepare for automatic enrolment in Sage Payroll.


Every employer has duties to help their employees in the UK save for retirement. They must enroll certain workers into a pension scheme. They must also make contributions towards it.

 It’s never too early to prepare for automatic enrolment. With Payroll, you can do this now.

Payroll requires you to set up a pension scheme, even if you never intend to use it.


Before your staging date

You can complete all of the steps in Payroll now, or return later by clicking Summary. Next, select Prepare for automatic enrolment.

You’ve reached your staging date

Once you reach your staging date, the following message appears:

“You’ve reached your staging date. Automatic enrolment assessment & related pension contributions will begin in the pay run(s) that includes the staging date. If necessary, you can postpone auto enrolling your eligible employees by up to 3 months.”

If you want to start processing your employees for automatic enrolment now, select OK. Alternatively, if you want to postpone all employees, select Postpone.