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Analysis types

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How to create and use analysis types in Sage Accounting.


Use analysis types to help you analyse your accounts in more detail. For example, you can monitor costs and assess the profitability of departments in your company, or run an aged debtors report for a specific group of customers.


Transaction analysis >

Use this option to edit analysis types to transactions such as invoices and payments. The following analysis types are available, which you can amend if required.

Type Examples of use
Department Sales divisions, regional sales.
Cost centre Business locations.
Project A specific job or planned work.

Within each analysis type, you can create as many of your own categories as you want and select the areas you want the analysis types to be available when you enter certain transactions. The active areas are:

  • Sales invoices and credit notes
  • Purchase invoices and credit notes
  • Bank payment and receipts
  • Journals

You might want to allocate a project reference to your sales, purchases and bank transactions but not journals. Once you’ve created your analysis categories, you can then use them when posting transactions and when running reports.

You can apply transaction analysis types to invoice line items, quick entries and ledger entries of other payments and other receipts. You can’t apply analysis types to bank, trade debtors or creditors values of these transactions.

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