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Upgrade to Sage 50 Accounts v30.1

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How to upgrade your current installation of Sage 50 Accounts to v30.1


Important information: If you use Sage 50 Manufacturing or Sage Job Costing, read this Important information guide before you install Sage 50 Accounts v28.1 or above.

Other versions

Looking for an older version? Click here >

Before you install

Back up and check your data

  1. Click File, then click Back up.
  2. Enter a file name then click Browse and select the location and click OK.
  3. Click Select all file types to include in backup, then click OK.
  4. To check your data, click Yes and click OK.
  5. Click Close, click Close again, then click OK.

 NOTE: If you find errors or warnings in your data we advise to fix them before proceeding >

What's different?

In v30, we switched to a 64-bit application. This means there are two downloads and you must select the right one that matches your operating system type. 

Unsure of your operating system type?

Refer to our Am I using a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system? guide. 

Download and install the update where your data is held

Install Sage 50 Accounts where your data is stored initially. Once done, you can then upgrade Sage 50 Accounts on connected computers if you have multiple installations.

Depending on your data location, you may choose to download and install either the full v30 program or just the v30 Data Service.

Do I install the data service or the full program?

 TIP: Where is my Data held? If you're unsure where your data is, you can use this guide to check if your data is held on a server/other computer.

Install only the Data Service

If your data is held on a server, you can install just the data service on it. You can then install the full program on your other computers connected to the server. Just follow the steps in our install data service guide.

Install the full program

Install the full program on the computer where you plan to use Sage 50 Accounts; it includes the data service. You can upgrade other connected computers later.
Close all Sage software, then click one of the links below:

  1. Download Sage 50 Accounts 64-bit > Download Sage 50 Accounts 32-bit >

  2. This normally downloads automatically to your Downloads folder, if not select your Downloads folder, then click Save.
  3. To begin the installation, locate and double-click Sage50Accounts_v30.1.342.0.
    To view your Downloads folder, press Ctrl on your keyboard when you have your web browser open.

  4. Click Install update.
  5. If you are prompted to allow the application to make changes to your device, click Yes or Allow.
  6. Once the installation is complete, click Launch Sage 50 Accounts, and open your company to upgrade the data. 

Final checks

To check everything is up and running, in Sage 50 Accounts click Help and About and check your version is v30.1.342.0.

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