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Download and install the Sage Accounts Data Service

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What the Sage Accounts Data Service is and how to download and install it.


The Sage Accounts Data Service serves as the backbone of your Sage 50 Accounts software, managing data on the computer where you store your Sage data. It needs to be on every computer using the Sage 50 Accounts program. This service ensures smooth data handling, boosts security, and improves performance.


Whenever you install Sage 50 Accounts, the Data Service installs too. However, if you don't have the software on the computer that stores your data, you'll need to install the Data Service separately.

Before you start

Ensure your computer or server meets the System requirements for Sage 50 Accounts and the Firewall requirements for Sage 50 Accounts.

Software and data on the same computer

If you store your data on the same computer as Sage 50 Accounts, just Install the software and it automatically includes the Sage Accounts Data Service.

Software not installed on data computer

Install the data service on a computer that doesn't have Sage 50 Accounts installed separately. To do this:

  1. On the computer that holds your data, click the relevant link for your version:  
  2. If prompted to save the file, note the file name then click Save
    The file can automatically save to your Downloads folder depending on your web browser. To view your Downloads folder, press Ctrl + J on your keyboard.
  3. Browse to and double-click the file downloaded, then follow the on-screen prompts.
    Alternatively, right-click the file downloaded, click Run as administrator, then follow the on-screen prompts.

    NOTE: During installation prompts, make sure to select the option Data service only install.

Once you've installed the Data Service, you can start using Sage 50 Accounts on the other connected computers. Or, Install your software on other computers if you haven't already.


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