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Microsoft Office and Sage software compatibility checker

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This guide helps you check compatibility between Microsoft Office and your Sage software.


Sage software has the flexibility to integrate with Microsoft Office several ways, such as emailing documentssending data to Excel and Excel Integrated Reporting.

To use these great features, you must use a compatible version of Microsoft Office that's installed locally on the same computer as your Sage software.

NOTE: To find out the version of Office you're using, read Microsoft's help guide > 

To check if your Sage software is compatible with Microsoft Office, select the required options in the drop-downs below.

TIP: If you're using Microsoft Outlook 2013/16 with Sage 50cloud Accounts v28 and experiencing the following message: 'Unable to send all emails. Error with the address xxx: Unknown Error' please refer to the following article >


Select your Sage software 

TIP: Not sure what version you're using, check our version checker guide >

You can also view the compatibility of Sage software and Microsoft Office in a table format.