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Download and install Sage 50 Payroll v30.01

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How to download and install the latest version of Sage 50 Payroll.


Sage 50 Payroll v30.01 is now available, and includes improvements to enhance your experience using the software.

Follow the steps below to update your software, and find out what's new in this version.


Before you install v30.01

To make the installation process easier, we recommend that you carry out these

Check your version number

  1. Click Help then About.
  2. Check your version number under the Program Details heading.
  3. If your version number:
    • Is


      , your software is already up to date, skip ahead to the Next steps section
    • Is v30.00.226 or below, follow the steps below to install v30.01

Admin rights check

During the installation process, your software checks you have admin rights. This helps to ensure that the installer can create and update all files and folders that your software needs to run. Windows administrator check during installation >

Download and install the update 

If you prefer, you can download your update below and 

  1. Close Sage 50 Payroll, and any other Sage software you have open on your computer.
  2. Click the link below to download your update:
    • Download Sage 50 Payroll
      • If you're prompted to select where to save the file, select your Downloads folder, then click Save
  3. To begin the installation, browse to your Downloads folder and right-click


  4. Click Run as administrator.
    NOTE: If you're prompted to enter a username and password, enter your Windows administrator credentials, not your payroll credentials.
  5. To confirm you accept the licence conditions, click Accept Licence then click Next.
  6. Check the path is the same as the program directory you noted in the before you install v30.01 section. If it is, click Yes.
    • If the path isn't the same, click No then Yes and browse to the correct program directory, click Payroll.exe, then click Open
  7. Click OK when the installation completes, then click Close.
  8. Save any work you have open in other applications, then restart your computer. 
  9. To help keep your software up to date, we recommend you enable background updates >

TIP: If Sage 50 Payroll is installed on more than one computer, repeat these steps on each one.

When you log in to a company for the first time after you install v30.01, your software upgrades your company data into the new version.

After the data upgrade process, your software automatically optimises the database for your company. This helps to reduce the size of your backups and maintain error-free data.

Next steps

NI rates

After you install this update, you no longer need to use the Legislation service to update the rates in any new companies you create.

If you check for legislation updates in v30.01, there aren't any updates available as no rate changes are required in this version.

What's new?

Check out what's new in Sage 50 Payroll v30.01 >