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Set up your documents for email

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How to configure Sage 50 Accounts to email documents.


In Sage 50 Accounts you can send reports and layouts by email through Microsoft Outlook or webmail. You can use the Email Defaults option to apply email settings to multiple documents at once.

Before you can Email your documents, you must configure your default email settings. Let's go through the three step process to do this now.


1 - Set your email provider

To set email defaults, select the email provider you're using for the relevant steps:

2 - Apply Email Settings

Once you've set up the email defaults, click the required tab, for example Invoice, then apply your email settings:


3 - Save your changes

Once you've applied the email settings to the required areas, select which layouts to apply them to, then save your changes:

  1. Click Apply.
  2. Select the check box for each layout you want to apply the email settings to.
  3. Click OK.


4 - Troubleshooting

If you have any issues when emailing a document, follow our Troubleshooting email issues guide to resolve them.

 TIP: Reports and layouts are sent using the default profile if you use Microsoft Outlook, or from the email address you specify in SMTP settings if you use webmail. If required, you can Change the email address reports and layouts are sent from.