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Exporting the detailed payroll report

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How to export the detailed payroll report as a PDF in Sage Payroll.


When you complete a pay run, you can export a detailed payroll report.

You can get a detailed report for every completed pay run.

For records purposes, we recommend you save or print this report each time you process a pay run.


 Generate the detailed report:

  1. Go to the Pay Runs tab.
  2. Select the relevant pay run from the list.
  3. Select the open the detailed report link. The report opens in a new window or tab.
      TIP: It is only possible to export the report as a .PDF file.
  4. Using your browser options, Print or Save the report.

Google Chrome Save and Print options:


Microsoft Edge Browser Print and Save options:


You can also generate many of the payroll reports that form part of the detailed payroll report individually from the Reporting area.