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What is Data management?

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This guide explains the Data management feature in Sage 50 Accounts.


What is Data management?

While there's no limit to the number of records and transactions you can store in your software, large volumes of data can start to slow you down. Processes such as backups and VAT Returns can take longer to run and it can become harder to find records and transactions when working on your accounts.

Data management is a new feature designed to make your daily processing as efficient as possible. It notifies you when your data volumes are approaching recommended levels, and helps you safely remove customer and supplier records, audit trail transactions and customer invoices that you no longer view regularly. This speeds up tasks and makes working on your current records much easier. 

What about keeping records for compliance?

When keeping historical records for compliance purposes, it's not essential to store them in your live company. Instead, you can:

By keeping historical data as backups or archives, you're free to remove old records from your live company without losing any information.

Start using Data management

To get started with Data management, the following guides explain how to: