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Prepare to move to Sage HR Online Services

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This guide explains what to do before you move to the new online payslips portal, Sage HR Online Services.


Before you get your prompt to move your Online Services, we highly recommend to action some preparation checks. These checks we will run through with you below. If your prompt arrives before you have done these checks, we recommend you action them before you click OK on your prompt.

TIP: Why not prepare by joining our free webinar? It runs through what you need to do and a Sage expert will answer any questions you have about moving to Sage HR Online Services. A recording is also available if you can't attend - Find out more >

Check for leavers

The first task is to check if you have any leavers in your current Online Services. This is to avoid the leavers being moved to your new service.

  1. Log into Sage Employee Online Services via

    You can also get to your log in page from within Sage 50cloud Payroll: 
    1. In Sage 50cloud Payroll click Company then click Online Document Settings.
    2. Next to Visit your Online Documents portal, click Do It Now.
    3. Enter log in details.
  2. Under Manage employees click WORK WITH YOUR EMPLOYEES.
  3. Select the required employee, then click DELETE.

delete leavers ESS gif (1).gif

Check email addresses

  • Every employee has to have their own unique email address on their employee record - this is the email address they will use to log in.
  • The email address used for the manager use should be one that can be accessed long term - this is the email address that will become the main admin in Sage HR Online Services.

    CAUTION: The manager user email address must not be the same as one used for an employee record. This is to avoid the main admin profile being merged with an employee profile, which can cause problems going forward.

    TIP: We recommend the manager user being a generic email address rather than a specific person's email address. This is to avoid a scenario where someone leaves the business and no-one can access their account.


How to change email address if required
  • Need to change an employee's email address in Sage Employee Online Services? Follow these steps >
  • Need to change an email address of an Online Services manager user? 

Check for pending payslips

When your Online Services data is moved, pending payslips aren't included.

If you want these pending payslips to be included, you must publish them before you migrate.

  1. Log in to your Online Services portal to check your payslip statuses.
  2. Under Manage payslips you can see how many payslips are yet to be published.


  3. If there are any, click X PAYSLIPS TO BE PUBLISHED.
  4. Delete or publish any pending payslips.


Next steps

Now you're ready to move to the new Online Services.

When you receive the prompt, simply click OKRead more >

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