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CIS Reverse Charge messages don't appear on standard layouts - v26 and above

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This guide explains what you need to do if you do not see reverse charge information on your standard layouts in Sage 50cloud Accounts v26 and above.


In Sage 50cloud Accounts v26.2 and above, there are two tax codes, T21 and T26, which you can use to post CIS reverse change transactions.

When you use the T21 or T26 tax code, the invoice or credit note produced in Sage 50cloud Accounts includes the following text on standard layouts automatically:

  • Invoice text - 'Customer to pay output tax of £X to HMRC’
  • Credit note text - 'Customer to account for output tax of -£X to HMRC'

What if the messages don't appear on the layouts?

If you use Sage 50cloud Accounts v26 and above and the messages don't appear on your layouts, you should restore the layouts only backup. This is easy to do, and we'll run you through how to do this in the steps below.

NOTE: What to do if these message don't appear, but you are not on v26 and above - 


  1. Click the relevant link for the version you are using below. This downloads a Layouts Only Backup.
  2. If prompted to save the file when you download it, note the file name, then click Save
  3. Log into your company in Sage 50cloud Accounts, and take an all files backup.
  4. On the menu bar in Sage 50cloud Accounts, click File then click Restore.
  5. Click Browse, then browse to the folder you downloaded the Layouts Only Backup to.
  6. Click the downloaded backup file then click Open.
  7. Click OK then click Yes.
  8. Click OK, enter your logon name and password then click OK.

Now when you use T21 or T26 tax code in Sage 50cloud Accounts v26 and above, the messages will appear on your invoices and credit notes.

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