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Create a new user with Remote Data Access

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How to create a new user and give them remote access to your company in Sage 50 Accounts v27 and above.


Have you connected your data to Remote Data Access?

Before you can give other users access to the company data remotely, you need to connect the data to Remote Data Access

NOTE: Not sure? You can find this in Help then About in your software. 

Create a new user with remote access

 TIP: Want to grant an existing user Remote Data Access rather than create a new user? - Read more >


  1. Open Sage 50 Accounts and log in as MANAGER.
  2. Click Settings then click User Management and click Users.
    If you see the Sage 50 User mappings window, click Skip.
  3. Click New.
  4. Click the user type you require.
  1. Click Continue, then enter the .
  2. Click Continue then select the checkboxes to the areas the user can access and click Continue.

    NOTE: This window doesn't apply to administrator users as they have full access by default.

  3. Click the Allow Remote Data Access check box.
  4. Enter the user details then click Continue.
  5. Check the User Summary, click Save then click Close.
  6. If prompted, log in to your Sage Account and enter the verification code.

Next steps - contact your user

Now you've granted your user access to your data remotely, they'll receive an email inviting them to access the company.

What they'll need:

  • Your Sage 50 Accounts version number - This is the version they must install to access the data
    TIP: You can find this in Help then About in your software.
  • Sage account - The user needs a Sage account using the email in step 8 if they haven't already
  • The passphrase for your data - this is the password you used when you originally uploaded the data
  • The username and password you set up for them to access Sage 50 Accounts

To support your new user with accessing the data remotely share the guide on Accessing the data remotely or email the guide.

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