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Importing employees into Sage HR Online Services by uploading payslips

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This guide explains how to import employees and employee information into Sage HR Online Services from Sage 50cloud Payroll.


If you have an employee in Sage 50cloud Payroll that isn't in Sage HR Online Services yet, once you have enabled the employee for Online Services, when you upload payslips or upload historical payslips for the first time, this automatically creates an employee profile in Sage HR Online Services and imports the following fory key employee details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Work email address
  • Employment start date


To ensure these details match with Sage 50cloud Payroll, these fields are locked once imported and can't be changed within Sage HR Online Services. Any changes to these four fields must be made in Sage 50cloud Payroll which updates in Sage HR Online Services each time you publish payslips.

NOTE: If you need to change or correct an employee's email address you must follow the steps in this alternative guide - Read more >

TIP: You can add an employee manually in Sage HR Online Services if the employee doesn't have any payslips yet to upload - 


Importing additional employee information

Additional information, which is anything other than the four key details mentioned earlier, you can import using a report.

  • To export information from Sage 50cloud Payroll - Read more >
  • To import additional employee information into Sage HR Online Services - Read more >

Setting up Sage HR Online Services? Your next steps

  • You can now start using Sage HR Online Services. Visit our Help Centre for guides on how to use this payslips portal - Visit Hub >
  • You can customise your Sage HR Online Services - Read more >
  • Provide the Sage HR Online Services Employee Hub to your employees, which provides them help on how to set up their access and use Sage HR Online Services.
  • If you want to delay employees being able to log in to Sage HR Online Services, you can temporarily disable their access - Read more >


Benefits for your employees
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