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Create, edit, and delete users in Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 and above

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This guide explains how to set up and manage users in Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 and above. This includes setting up Remote Data Access, as well as controlling which areas of the software they can access.


If you've more than one person processing in Sage 50cloud Accounts, you can easily set up a login for each individual user. By doing this you can keep track of each user's activity and control which areas they access.

On multi user versions of Sage 50cloud Accounts, you also need individual users set up so more than one user can process in a company at any one time, and also to grant them Remote Data Access.

Using Sage 50cloud Accounts v26 or below? Please refer to our guide for earlier versions.

NOTE: Your licence determines how many people can log on at the same time. To check how many users you have a licence for, when logged into Sage 50cloud Accounts click Help, click About, then under Licence Information look for Users.  To add more users to your licence, give us a call on 0191 479 5955, select option 3 (UK) or 014 470 806 (ROI), or leave your details and we'll get in touch.


Create a new user

TIP: In Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 and above only the Manager logon name, a user who is configured as an Administrator, or an Accountant/Bookkeeper user has been granted the ability to add new bookkeeper/accountant users via Remote Data Access can set up new user accounts. See Step 3 below for more information on user types.

  1. Log into Sage 50cloud Accounts as the Logon name MANAGER.


  2. Click Settings then click User Management and click Users.


  3. Click New then click the required  then click Continue.
  4. In the User Profile window enter the following information:

    Create a user name

    Each person using the software must have a user name. The name can use upper or lower case characters, spaces or numbers.

    Password not required

    Select this option if you don't want this user to have a password. The option is only available to a standard user type.

    Require password change at next login

    Select this option if you want the user to change their password next time they logon to this company.

    Create Password / Confirm Password

    Adding a password to a user name is optional but does provide extra security.

    TIP: Individual users can manage their own password from Settings > User Management > Change Your Password.

  5. Select the areas in the software you want the user to have access.

    To do this, select the boxes for the required areas. To grant access to all areas, click Select All.

     NOTE: For administrators, this window doesn't appear as they have full access by default.

  6. Once complete, click Continue.
  7. If your data is shared using Remote Data Access, and want this user to access this company remotely, click Allow Remote Data Access then fill in the their User details.
  8. Check the User Summary then click Save and click Close.

Edit a user

NOTE: Only the MANAGER logon or an administrator can amend each user.

  1. Click Settings then click User Management and click Users.


  2. Select the user whose access rights you want to amend then click Edit.
  3. Click the required option you want to amend on the left:

    User Type

    Choose the type of user. Only the manager or an administrator has permissions to change the user type.


    To change the password settings click Change Password.

    Level of Access

    Select the areas in the software you want the user to have access to.

    If you withdraw access from certain options in the software, access may also be withdrawn from associated options.

    NOTE: This option is only available for standard and accountant user type. Manager and administrators automatically have full access.

    Remote Access

    Amend the user's remote access settings.


    This gives you a chance to check the settings before you apply them.

  4. Click Finish then click Save and click Close.

Delete a user

NOTE: Before you can delete a user, they must be logged out of the software. This completely removes the user from the company. If you just want to remove the user from being logged into the company in active session, this can be done via Settings > User Management > Active Sessions. Read more >

Only the MANAGER logon or an administrator can delete a user.

  1. Click Settings then click User Management and click Users.


  2. Select the user whose access rights you want to amend then click Delete.
  3. You are asked if you are sure you want to delete the user. Click Delete user.
  4. Click Close.