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Online Documents - Common questions

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Find answers to common queries about Sage Online Documents.


We've collated the questions you're asking us about Sage Online Documents.

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My document name contains special characters, can I still upload it?

Yes, Documents with special characters in the name are accepted by the portal

Can I delete employees from the portal?

Yes.  Employees can be deleted from the manage employees section of the portal.

Any published documents already added to an employee record need to be removed first before the record can be deleted from the portal.

Can I globally assign a document to all employee records to upload?

No.  The document would need to be added to each employee record manually.

Can a document be uploaded once so that all employees can view it?

Unfortunately, not.  This issue has been raised with our Online Services Development team but has not yet been implemented.  The document would need to be added to each employee record and uploaded manually.

Can I upload documents with the same name?

Yes, uploading a file with the same name as a previously uploaded document will not overwrite it.  A new instance will be created/saved.

Can an email be sent out to notify when a document has been uploaded/published on the portal?

Yes, email notifications can be enabled but they are only applicable in certain scenarios. Read more >

Can I upload an employee’s P45 to the Online Documents portal?

Yes.  You can export the P45 as a PDF from Sage 50Cloud Payroll then upload it as an employee document.  Employees are still required to have a printed copy of the P45.

Can I check documents on the portal before I publish them?

Yes. You can upload the document to the portal and check them before you publish them.

When my client rejects a document, are they able to tell me why?

Yes. When your client rejects a document, they can add a reason as to why they are doing so.

What if an employee can't login to view their documents?

Ensure that your employee has activated their account using the link in their Welcome email. If they haven't, refer them back to their Welcome email.

If they've previously been able to log in, ask them to reset their password before trying to log in again. If they're redirected to the login screen without receiving an error, ask them to try using a different computer or device to log in.

Is there a maximum file size that can be uploaded to the portal?

Yes.  Files bigger than 20Mb cannot be uploaded to the Online Documents portal.

I am unable to upload a document to the portal due to an error with the file type.  Are only certain files accepted?

Yes.  Only files with the following extensions can be uploaded to the portal…

  • .pdf / .csv / .doc / .docx / .xls / .xlsx / .ppt / .pptx / .pub

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