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Sage 200 - What's new in Sage 200 Spring 2019 Enhancements

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A detailed list of new features and benefits per module is provided within this guide.


Sage 200 is part of a global franchise which has a single vision and strategy across fourteen countries worldwide. The strategy has a single focus of delivering product modernisation by harnessing the power of the desktop whilst liberating key data via connected web and mobile services. The strategy allows us to deliver on continuous improvement through a regular release cadence to ensure we are continually adding value to the customer base.

Sage 200 Spring 2019 Enhancements is now available for Standard, Sage for Education and Professional variants. The release is one in a series of releases to launch Sage 200 in the UK and Ireland. Sage 200 includes Standard and Professional. Sage 200 will introduce a number of connected services through a regular release cadence.

With that in mind Sage 200 has three key themes:

  • Connected data
  • Customer experience
  • Simplicity

Sage 200 has been built on direct customer feedback with customers telling us that simplifying their business processes is key whilst improving the user experience to become more productive on a daily basis is what really matters to them.

Highlights include:

  • Microsoft 365 – Power BI, allow connection to Sage 200 data. Example out of the box dashboards and flexibility to design your own.
  • Import Improvements – Speed up data entry and data update with new ability and performance enhancements.
  • Usability – Reprint supplier remittance .




New features and benefits in Sage 200

Power BI


          Simple connection to Sage200 cloud data.


  • Create powerful dashboards with multiple data sources to understand your business.
  • Example out of the box reports with the ability to define customised ones to suit your business.


  • Powerful analytics tool.
  • Brings together multiple data sources without needing to be an expert.
Import Enhancements


          Export and update a variety of information.


  • Make simple changes to existing data within Excel and re-import quickly and easily.
  • Export and update nominal accounts, customers, suppliers, and stock items.
  • Make bulk amendments by exporting Sage 200 data to make the necessary changes.


  • Reduce data entry time.
  • Easier to update your records.
Enhanced Security


          Control user access to the supplier bank details.


  • The supplier bank details tab is restricted based on the assigned user rights.


  • Enhanced security for businesses.
Reprint Remittance


          Reprint supplier remittances from document storage.


  • Optional storage for supplier remittances allowing simple recall.
  • Document storage includes OneDrive and DropBox.


  • Supporting conversations with suppliers around paid invoices.
  • Reducing admin by quickly identifying relevant paid invoices.
  • Providing a clear payment audit trail.
  • Provide a copy to suppliers in the event of loss.
Open/ Close Accounting Periods


Improvements to month and year end processing, allowing you to quickly and simply close and open periods for all ledgers.


  • Open and close all ledgers for a period.


  • Reduces key strokes.
  • Improves period end processing time and processes.

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