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Use webmail to email documents

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How to email documents from your Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll, using different webmail providers.


Save time and money and send reports and layouts by email using webmail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft 365.


Enter your email settings

It's quick and easy to Set up your documents for email in Sage 50 Accounts

If you use Sage 50 Payroll, or you want to apply detailed email settings, follow the steps below.

Enter your SMTP details into Report Designer

NOTE: Google have made 2 step verification mandatory for Gmail from 1 June 2022. You can find more info on this here.

  1. Select any report or layout, then click Edit.
  2. In Report Designer click Tools, click Options and then click Email Setup.
  3. In the Default Provider drop-down, click Internet Mail (SMTP).
  4. Select the Where MAPI is specified in the report, use the default provider instead check box.
  5. Under Available Providers, click Internet Mail (SMTP) then click Configure.
  6. Select your Mail Provider, or if your provider isn't listed click Custom.
  7. Click Next and enter the required fields from the below table:
    Display Name Enter the name to appear when you send the email, for example, your name.
    Email Address Enter the email address you send the email from.
    Password Enter your email account password.
    If you chose Custom in step 6 you must also enter the following:

    NOTE: You must find out the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings for your email provider. We've gathered SMTP settings for common email providers. If these settings don't work, you should contact your IT support.
    Username logon (optional) If your email account has a separate username, click this check-box then enter the username.
    SMTP Server Enter the SMTP server name.
    Port Enter the port number used to communicate with the SMTP server.
    Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection

    Click this check box if your SMTP server requires a secure (SSL) connection.

  8. Click Next, then click Send a test message.
  9. Enter an email address to send a test message to, then click OK.

If the test email is successful, your SMTP settings are correct. If the test fails, you must check your settings and repeat the above steps.

NOTE: If you use Gmail or Yahoo, you may experience an error when sending a test email. This is due to Google 2-step verification, or the Access for less secure apps option. Find out more in our Unknown error when emailing documents using webmail with 2-step authentication guide.

Add email settings to your document

  1. Open your software, browse to and select any report or layout, then click Edit.
  2. In Report Designer click Report, then click Email Settings.
  3. In the Sending Options area, select the option to Send emails immediately.
  4. Select Internet Mail (SMTP) from the Mail Provider drop-down menu, then click OK.
  5. Click File then click Save All.
  6. Click File, then click Exit.

Email your document

Once you've applied your SMTP settings, you can Email your documents successfully.

 Note: Emails sent using SMTP settings don't appear in your Inbox or Sent Items.