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How do I check if my computer is the main site or remote site?

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This guide explains how to check if your computer is the main or a remote site when using Remote Data Access in Sage 50 Accounts.


NOTE: This article applies to Sage 50 Accounts v27 only. In Sage 50 Accounts v28 and above, all sites are equal and there's no concept of main or remote sites. 

When you access your data via Remote Data Access from more than one site, the rules that determine who has priority are based on whether you access the data from the main site or a remote site.

  • The main site is where Remote Data Access was originally set up, for example a computer in the office.
  • A remote site is any computer that connects to the accounts data remotely using Remote Data Access, for example a computer at home connecting to the main site at the office.

If you're unsure whether you're using Remote Data access, or if you're using is the main site or the remote site, don't worry, it's easy to check. 


Follow the steps  to check if you're using Remote Data Access, and which site you are.

  1. When logged into your company, on the menu bar click Help then click About.
  2. Scroll down, and in the middle column under Remote Data Access Information, check the Site value.


    The Site value shows one of the following:
    N/A You're not currently using Remote Data Access for this company.
    Main Your data is shared using Remote Data Access and you are the main site.
    Remote Your data is shared using Remote Data Access and you are a remote site.
    If you can't access the company, when on the Company Selection window, in the Remote Data Access column it tells you whether the company is Online - Main, or Online - Remote. If its blank this means it is not on Remote Data Access.

    NOTE: The Remote Data Access column only shows if at least one of your companies is on Remote Data Access.

If you want to change your main site to a new location, whether this is a current remote site or a new computer not on Remote Data Access, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Sage 50 Accounts. Alternatively, to change the main site on Sage 50 Accounts v27, read more > 


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