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Sage 200 BI - Index of Business Intelligence Ask Sage articles

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As well as our telephone support for the Sage 200 Suite, you can take advantage of a vast database of articles designed to assist you with resolving any queries or issues for your own software or that of a customer.


To access Ask Sage for Business Partners, visit, and enter your login details. If your email address is registered to more than one company, choose the company you are logging on for. Select Resource Centre and Ask Sage from the Support panel towards the bottom of the page. In the Ask Sage widget on the right, enter the required search text, then click Search.

Below is an index of commonly used Ask Sage articles for Sage 200 Business Intelligence. We recommend you bookmark this article for future reference.

NOTE: This index lists the most popular articles from the Ask Sage database for Sage 200 Business Intelligence and concentrates on the procedures and routines you may want to undertake. The list is not necessarily exhaustive and for up to the minute information regarding the software, a direct search of Ask Sage is recommended.


Sage 200 Business Intelligence
Article name
Problems experienced using BI as a standard Windows user Read more
Error message "System Not Enabled" after installing BI and trying to run BI Reports Read more
The BI Toolbar In Excel Does Not Display Read more
'Unable To Run Report' Error when running custom reports in BI Read more
BI Scheduled Tasks not refreshing the database on is a Windows server 2008 64-bit operating system for Sage200 Read more
Problem updating cubes for company... (Errors in the encryption library) Read more
**Known issue** Collation error when creating new data warehouse or refreshing cube. Read more
Sage 200 Business Intelligence - How to make an Excel report or workbook static Read more
How to transfer the Sage 200 Business Intelligence information when there has been a change of server machine or SQL Instance (versions 2011 to 2015) Read more
Feature comparison for Sage 200 Excel Reporting and Sage 200 Business Intelligence Read more
Troubleshooting advice for Sage 200 Business Intelligence Read more
Error message 'BI admin utility has stopped working' message appears when loading the Sage 200 Business Intelligence Admin Utility Read more


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