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Modify your antivirus software to work alongside Sage 50cloud Accounts

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This guide helps you to configure your antivirus software to avoid any compatibility issues with Sage 50cloud Accounts and Remote Data Access.


There may be times when the antivirus software you're using to protect your computer affects the performance of Sage 50cloud Accounts. For example, if your antivirus software classes a Sage 50cloud Accounts process or file as a threat, it could block it from running. This could cause your software to slow down or become unstable. Don't worry, you can configure your antivirus software to avoid this.

NOTE: We can't support you with modifying your antivirus software due to the ever changing setup and complexity of antivirus software. If you need help with the steps on this guide, please refer to your local IT support.



Before you start

We've identified some issues with some popular antivirus providers.  If any of the below topics apply to you, click the link to find the specific solution.

  • Using Eset or Nod 32 software - if you're experiencing errors, please follow this guide >
  • Using Avast! - if it's quarantining Sage files, please follow this guide > 
  • Using Bitdefender - if you're getting the message 'SBD Desktop has encountered an error and will now close', please follow this guide >
  • Using Webroot - if your software hangs or closes on the opening splash window, please follow this guide >
  • To make sure your firewall doesn't interfere with the Sage 50cloud Accounts Data Service, read more >

You can now follow our five step process to configure your antivirus software to work alongside Sage 50cloud Accounts.

1 - Exclude files used by Sage Accounts

iles with the following file extensions are commonly used by Sage 50cloud Accounts. To stop your antivirus software interfering with these files, we recommend you exclude them from the real time scanning routine

Click the link to view a list of the extensions.

2 - Exclude folders used by Sage Accounts

This section lists the folders that are used by Sage 50cloud Accounts. Excluding these from the anti virus real time scan may go a long way to improving the performance of your software.

3 - Configure process exclusions

When you add a process to a process exclusion list, your Antivirus software won't scan files opened by that process. You should now add the following relevant files as process exclusions in your anti virus software.

5 - Change the location of your report files

When you run reports in Sage Accounts, temporary files are created. Your antivirus software scan may lock these files.

This section explains how to change the location of these files so that the antivirus software can be configured to exclude a specific folder rather than all files with a certain extension.

Get further support

We've gathered a list of commonly used anti virus programs and links to the support areas of their websites.


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