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Pension reports

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How to run pension reports in Sage Payroll.


If you use Sage Payroll to process pensions, you may want to run pension reports.


For example, you may want to check how much you need to pay your pension provider, or see how much you've paid into the pension so far this year.

This article explains the pension reports you can run in Sage Payroll and where to find them.

Which reports can I run?

There are 3 pension reports in Sage Payroll:

  • Review contributions & record payments. See how much your employees have paid into their pension each month. You can then use this information to work out and record the payment to your pension provider for that month
  • Pension contributions report. See how much has been paid into the pension for each employee, so far this year. The report shows the amounts up to and including the current pay run
  • Employee status report. See whether your employees are auto enrolled into the pension or not

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