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Sales quick entry sales invoices or credit notes

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How to create, view, edit, delete and pay sales quick entries in Sage Accounting.


You can use Quick Entries to save time by quickly entering sales invoices and credit notes that you create either in a different system or by hand. You can do this for one or more customers at the same time.

 TIP: If you use the Quick Entries option to enter the details of a customer invoice or credit note, you can’t print this. If you need a printable version, use the sales invoices or sales credit notes options instead. You must also use these options if you want to record the sale of a particular product or service that you’ve created a record for. You also have to use these options for overseas customers.

Once you’ve entered a quick entry invoice, when the customer pays it, you record this against the invoice as a customer receipt. If you’ve entered a credit note, you can allocate, or if necessary, refund it, as normal.


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