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Schedule Payslips - Sage HR Online Services

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How to schedule payslips to be uploaded to Sage HR Online Services on a future date.


When you upload your employee's payslip, it becomes available for them to view in Sage HR Online Services. As well as uploading them immediately, you have the option to schedule when these payslips are uploaded and made available to be viewed by the employee.

Let's go through the simple steps on how to schedule these payslips.


Before you start

The option to schedule payslips is only available if you are using Sage HR Online Services v2. To check if you are using Sage HR Online Services v2 - Read more >

How to schedule payslips

  1. In Sage 50cloud Payroll enter your employees' payments as normal.
  2. Select the required employees and click Payroll.
  3. Click Upload Online Payslips.


  4. Check the information in the summary is correct.
     TIP: If required, you can print this information for your records. To do this click Print Summary.
  5. Select Publish on a selected date, then enter or select the date you want the payslips to be uploaded.


  6. Click Publish Payslips.

    A confirmation message appears that your payslips have been published successfully.

    Click Close, or, click Access Online Services.

  7. Enter your Sage account (formerly ID) and click Sign In.

Well done! You've now scheduled your employees payslips to be uploaded to Sage HR Online Services. When you view these payslips in Sage HR Online Services they'll show as 'Pending'.

Fort steps on how to view your scheduled payslips - Read more >



Once the published date arrives, the payslips can view viewed by your employees.

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Getting an error when you upload payslips?

If you're getting an error when uploading a payslips, take a look at our list of the most common errors that can occur and how to resolve them - View errors >

If you can't see your error listed, please search the error in our Help Centre to find out how to resolve it.

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