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Hints and tips when doing your VAT Return - UK

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To help you with your VAT Return, this article covers hints and tips when generating your UK VAT Return in Sage 50cloud Accounts.


Forgot to reconcile the previous VAT Return

If you didn't reconcile the transactions on your previous VAT Return, the next time you calculate your VAT Return a message appears informing you that there are a number of unreconciled transactions from before the specified period. This is an easy thing to miss and just means you need to do a few extra checks to ensure the right transactions are picked up on your next VAT Return.

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Check if a transaction is VAT reconciled

In Sage 50cloud Accounts, when you reconcile your VAT Return the transactions that are included are flagged as being reconciled. There may be times when you need to check if a transaction is reconciled or not. Perhaps a transaction isn't being picked up on the VAT Return when you think it should. You can do an easy check to see what the VAT flag is on the transaction.

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VAT Return reports

You can run these useful reports to print a copy of your VAT Return, as well as summary and detailed reports that show you what transaction types and tax codes are making up the figure in each box of the VAT Return, to individual transactions that make up each box and the tax code.

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Default tax codes and how they affect your VAT Return

You can quickly see how each tax code affects the VAT Return, what the rate is and how it's configured.

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Tax codes included on the VAT Return

You can easily check if a tax code is set up to be included in your VAT Return.

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Changes to UK VAT Return box labels

From 8 April 2021, HMRC changed the names of some of the boxes on the UK VAT Return to reflect that the UK is no longer part of the EU and to recognise the Northern Ireland Protocol changes.

Don't worry, this change doesn't affect your VAT Return submissions and you can submit your VAT Return as normal. However, we've included the label changes from Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.2 and upwards.

Submitting a VAT Return using the Sage MTD Submissions Module

If you're looking for help submitting a VAT Return using the Sage MTD Submissions Module, you can use our guide.

VAT Support hub

For help recording VAT, you can easily access support guides, videos and free training on VAT Returns from our Help Centre.

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