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When to use Remote Data Access

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This guide explains when it is best to use Remote Data Access to connect to your company data remotely on Sage 50 Accounts v27 and above, from another location using the Internet.


We recommend to regularly review your requirements and if you no longer need to use Remote Data Access, it's easy to switch off.

Use Remote Data Access when:

You need live data access from remote locations which are not linked to your main computer via a local area network. For example:

  • You or colleagues accessing your live data both at home and in the office.
  • Your accountant accessing your live data.

    NOTE: To link computers in the same location, we recommend using a local area network where possible rather than Remote Data Access. 

Don't use Remote Data Access when:

  • All computers that require access are already linked on a local area network, for example, multiple computers in the same building.
  • Live data access is not needed, for example, if your accountant only requires a backup of your data.
  • Only one user processes the data from one computer only, for example, a laptop.
  • You are looking for something to create automatic backups. Remote Data Access is not a back up service and you should use the Schedule back up feature instead.

How do I remove Remote Data Access?

If you find you no longer need to use Remote Data Access, it's good practice to switch the feature off until it's needed again. For help with this, please refer to this guide to remove Remote Data Access.


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