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This article explains what a commercial invoice is and gives you a download link to install these into your Sage 50cloud Accounts software.


After Brexit, to make the import/export process easier you may want to provide a commercial invoice or a commercial sales order. They help shippers and customs authorities assess duties, taxes and assess goods suitability for transportation in and out of the country.

What information can be on a commercial invoice/order?

There is no legal format for a commercial layout- it is a document that is often used to report the most common information needed when completing the most common import and export formalities. The following information is normally included in a commercial layout:

  • Your company address.
  • The receiver's address.
  • For each item being shipped, the commodity code, also known as the tariff code or harmonized code, and a description of the goods.
  • Total net weight (kgs).

    NOTE: The weight on each product is the Net weight exclusive of any packaging. If you need the gross weight added to the invoice you would have to do this manually as there is no way to calculate this easily using Sage 50cloud Accounts. For example, you sell 10 items, but these might be sent in one box of 10, or two boxes of 5.

  • The Incoterm that the goods are being moved under. There is no legal set of Incoterms but the most common are those maintained by the International Chamber of Commerce and these were updated in 2020. Incoterms means International Commercial Terms.
  • The reason for export.
  • The value of the goods in the relevant destination jurisdiction’s currency.
  • Your VAT and EORI number.
  • Space for the vendor’s agent’s signature.
  • Total Number of Packages - manual entry or a use an analysis field toadd a custom field.

Download the Commercial layouts pack

Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.1 includes functionality to create a commercial invoice.  These contain fields from your software such as country of origin, weight and commodity code from your product records and EORI number from Company Preferences.

Alternatively, if you are a customer with Sage Cover Extra or Sage Cover Premium or Essential Cover Plus or Essential Cover Expert and you don't want to wait, you can download and install a commercial layouts pack now which is included in our Advanced Report Library:

View example >

  1. Click Download on the link below:

    Commercial layouts pack >

  2. Enter your Sage website login details, then click Sign In.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

The A4 Commercial invoice - Plain Paper (Print or Email) layout is available within Invoices and credits when you click Print.

Customise your commercial template

You can make changes to your invoice layout to meet your business requirements.

  • Add your company logo.  Read more >
  • Add a text box, such as your company bank details.  Read more >
  • Show additional data fields on your layout.  Read more >
  • Move or resize the information on your layout.  Read more >
  • Add a custom field to you invoice, for example you could use one of the analysis fields in the invoice for total number of packages. Read more >

For information on the other changes you can make, you can view our help guide.

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