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Upload Payslips - Sage HR Online Services

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This guide covers the steps to upload payslips from Sage 50cloud Payroll to Sage HR Online Services.


After you process your payroll, when you upload your employee's payslip, it becomes available for them to view in Sage HR Online Services immediately, unless you schedule them for a future date.

Let's go through the simple steps on how to upload your employees payslips together using the steps in the section below.



Before you start

Make sure you're signed in to Online Services Settings

  1. Log in to Sage 50cloud Payroll, and click Company.
  2. In the Tasks menu, click Online Services Settings.

    NOTE: If it says Online Document Settings you are using Sage Employee Online Services and must follow the steps in our alternative guide.

  3. If you're signed in, next to Step 1 it should say you're currently logged in.


    If you're not, click Log In then enter your Sage account details.


 Upload payslips


Watch video

  1. In Sage 50cloud Payroll enter your employees' payments as normal.
  2. Select the required employees and click Payroll.
  3. Click Upload Online Payslips.


  4. Check the information in the summary is correct, and if required, click Print summary.
  5. Either select to publish immediately, or to publish on a selected date.


     NOTE: Don't see a schedule payslips option?  - 


  6. When you're ready to upload your payslips to Sage HR Online Services, click Publish Payslips.

    A confirmation message appears that your payslips have been published successfully.


  7. Click Close, or to sign in to Sage HR Online Services, click Log in to portal.

It's as simple as that! Your employee payslips are now uploaded and ready to view in Sage HR Online Services.

FAQs about uploading payslips

If you need some clarification about the steps above, check out some answers to common questions asked about uploading payslips - 


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