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Sage 200 Report Designer Services - Report of the month

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As part of Sage 200 Services, you can view and download a report each month. This article contains a list of current and previous reports.


CAUTION: If the report has criteria which looks like this then you must insert dates for the report to run otherwise you will receive an error message.



Reports created on the back of wish list requests can be found here

NOTE: This article was last updated on 3 May 2022 with May 2022 report of the month.

Latest Report of the Month - May 2022

Report / Layout:12 Month Invoiced Quantities by Customer and Stock Code
Software:Sage 200 Professional (2015 or above) / Standard / Sage for Education
Module:Sales Order Processing
  • Due to the volume of columns this report has been formatted for Export to Excel or Report to Excel outputs from the report preview.
Example:Click Here

Previous Reports of the Month

Click on the relevant module below to find a previous report of the month.

TIP: The report you're looking for isn't here? If you need a report unique for your business then Sage 200 Services customers can request customised reports. Follow the process here to book an appointment with one of our Report Design Technicians.

Download the Sage 200 report

  1. Select the report you want to download and click the 'Download report' button.
  2. Enter your login details when prompted. When the download software and updates window appears, make a note of the filename, for example, then select Download.
  3. In the Save As window, browse to and select the required destination, for example, the Windows desktop > Save.

You have now successfully downloaded the Sage report file.

Add the report to Sage 200

For details regarding the full process of adding a new custom report to the menus within Sage 200, please click here. If you require support in this process please contact your Business Partner in the 1st instance.

If you are using Sage 200 Standard or Education please refer to your program help guide for help adding it to your menu.

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