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Sage Corporation Tax: Online Filing Errors

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This guide lists common online filing errors that may occur when using Sage Corporation Tax and links to solutions for the issues.


If you experience an error when filing online in iXBRL format, it is strongly recommended that you read the error message for clues to ensure that you choose the relevant product option when calling the Support teams. For example, an error message may read:

The request has not been accepted.
Error type: business
Error number: 3001
The submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific business logic in the Body tag.
Type: business
Number: XXXX
Location: Accounts



The above error states ‘Location: Accounts’ therefore it would be necessary to contact your Accounts software provider in the first instance. If the error states ‘Location: Computations’ we would suggest contacting your Corporation Tax software provider.

Error 3001 is a generic HMRC error and appears before the relevant error code highlighted in bold.



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