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Accountant Link for clients

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This article explains how to use the Accountant Link feature, in Sage 50cloud Accounts Essentials, Standard and Professional, to send data to your accountant.


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NOTE: If you're an accountant using Sage 50cloud Accounts Client Manager, please refer to our Accountant Link guide for accountants.

Many businesses send their Sage 50cloud Accounts data to an accountant to prepare their final accounts. The main methods of sending data to your accountant are:

  • Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive) (Recommended) - You can grant your accountant access to your data from a remote location. This means you can continue your day-to-day processing and your accountant can work on your live data as and when required. Read more >
  • Backup and restore - Involves suspending processing in Sage 50cloud Accounts while the data is with your accountant. Read more >
  • Accountant Link - You can continue to process in Sage 50cloud Accounts while your accountant has the data. When your accountant sends back a file containing the adjustments, you can import it into Sage 50cloud Accounts and the two sets of data are merged. You can't use Accountant Link at the same time as Remote Data Access.

    To use Accountants link, your accountant must be on the same or a later version of Sage 50 Accounts. 

CAUTION: You can't use OSS / IOSS features in conjuntion with Accountants Link.

To find out how to set up and work with the Accountant Link, please click the options below.

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