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Set up employees to receive documents by email

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You can use Sage 50cloud Payroll to produce payslips and P60s. You can print, email or upload them to the Online Services portal.


You can specify which employees have agreed to receive documents electronically and on which date this was confirmed. You can also set up a password to protect these documents from being opened by an unauthorised person.


Set up employees to receive documents by email

If you need to set up a group of employees to receive electronic documents, you can save time by using Global Changes. You can also specify a general structure for the email address and password.

  1. Click Employee, select the required employees then click Employee Record.
  2. Click Personal then, in the E-Mail box, enter the employee's email address.
  3. Click Analysis then complete the electronic documents section as follows:

    Payslip CommentIf required, enter any information that you want to appear on the employee's payslip.
    Send via emailIf this employee is to receive documents electronically, select this check box.
    Date confirmed

    Enter the date the employee agreed to receive their documents electronically.

    The date confirmed is compulsory, as it is a legal requirement to obtain and record the date the employee agreed to this.

    Send toEnter the email address to employee wants their documents sent to.

    If required, you can enter multiple addresses, separating each with a semicolon. For example, [email protected]; [email protected]
    PasswordIf you want to secure the documents with a password, enter it here.

    You can use a piece of information about the employee as a password. For example, their date of birth or their NI number. You can set this up quickly for a number of employees using global changes. Read more >
  4. Click Save then click Next and repeat the steps for the next employee. Alternatively, to close the Employee Record, click Save then click Close.


View which employees have opted to receive electronic documents

Sage 50cloud Payroll contains a report to show you which employees have agreed to receive electronic documents, by email. This report contains the email address recorded in their employee record and the date on which they agreed.

  1. Click Employee, click Clear then click Reports.
  2. Click Employee, click Electronic Documents Employees Report then click Preview.
  3. Click Print, ensure that your printer settings are correct, click OK then click Close.
  4. Close the Reports window.

You can then email P60s and payslips to your employees.


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