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Unused pay calendars

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How to delete unused pay calendars in Sage Payroll.


When you have unneeded pay calendars, this message appears in the Summary tab: Warning: Not all pay runs completed.

This can be because:

  • Your pay frequency has changed, from weekly to monthly for example

  • A pay calendar was set up in error

Set up a Pay Calendar for how frequently employees get paid. This could be monthly, weekly, 2 weekly, or 4 weekly.


Unused pay calendar

If the calendar isn't assigned to any employees and you haven’t completed a pay run for it, you can remove it.

  1. From Settings, select Pay Day Settings.

  2. On the relevant calendar, select Manage Frequency and Remove Frequency.

  3. When prompted, select Yes.


Unused pay calendar

 CAUTION: If the button on the pay calendar only says Edit Pay Days, then you have completed a pay run using this pay frequency. You can only delete the calendar after payroll year-end.

The work around is to move it to the last period of the current tax year.

  1. From Settings, open Pay Day Settings, then View Pay Calendar.
  2. Select the last period of the current tax year.
  3. Select the Make this the current Pay Run check box, then select Save.

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