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File pension details per pay run

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How to download and send details of pension contributions to your pension provider in Sage Payroll.


The Pay Run pensions contributions report lists employees enrolled in a pension scheme.

It shows details of their:

  • Automatic enrolment status
  • Pensionable pay
  • Qualifying earnings
  • Both employer and employee pension contributions

You can generate the report as a PDF and PAPDIS CSV file for all pension schemes apart from NEST and SMART.

Some pension providers also support uploading PAPDIS CSV files to their online portal. Confirm this with your pension provider.

If your pension provider doesn't support PAPDIS CSV files:

Use the information from the report to complete your pension provider’s templates. to upload the correct values.


NEST and SMART pensions

If your pension provider is NEST or SMART, send online submissions directly from Payroll.

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Create the pension contributions report per pay run

  1. Go to Pay Runs, then choose the relevant completed pay run. You can also complete this step at the end of each pay run.
  2. Under Pension submissions, select View pension contributions for this pay period.
  3. To generate a PDF report, select Download Report.
  4. To generate a PAPDIS CSV file, select Export CSV.


You can also view the information for a whole pension reference period,

Within the Pensions tab select Review contributions & record payments. Choose the required period and select View detailed contributions.

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