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Working Patterns

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The default working pattern and how to change it in Sage Payroll.


You can specify the days an employee works using the Working Patterns tab in their employee record.

This has important implications for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) because it determines when waiting days and qualifying days occur.


When you create a new employee record the default working pattern is set to Monday – Friday.

 TIP: A zero-hours contract will prevent you from defining a working pattern for your employee. Instead, complete the pay run as normal to the Pay screen, and add a new payment. Set the payment category as Hourly Payments and the payment type as Basic Hours.  

To check an employee working pattern

  1. Click the Employees tab, then click the relevant employee.
  2. Then click the Working Pattern tab.
  3. You can set a Monday – Friday working pattern or a custom pattern.

To apply a working pattern

If the employee’s working pattern is other than the normal Monday-Friday pattern, use one of the custom working pattern types.

  1. Choose one of the following options from the Working Pattern Type drop-down list:
      • Monday – Friday – if the employee works a standard Monday – Friday week
      • Custom 1 Week – if the employee’s working pattern repeats weekly
      • Custom 2 Weeks – if the working pattern repeats every 2 weeks
      • Custom 3 Weeks – if the working pattern repeats every 3 weeks
      • Custom 4 Weeks – if the working pattern repeats every 4 weeks
  1. In the Week Starting On calendar, specify the Sunday of the week on which you want this working pattern to start.

 TIP: A working pattern must always begin on a Sunday. 

  1. Select the days of each of the weeks in the custom pattern that are working days for this employee.
  2. Click Save.