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Statutory payments override

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How to override statutory payments in Sage Payroll.


You can use Sage Payroll to calculate statutory payments for you, such as sick pay and maternity pay.

You may want to change this payment amount. For example, if you pay your employees before or after they've worked for you.

This article explains how to change the calculated amount to your own value.


Before you start

Before you can change the calculated amount, you first need to add the absence. You do this while you process your pay run.

If you need help recording an absence in a pay run, read our article Recording absences in a pay run.   

Change the calculated amount

Once you add your absence, the statutory amount shows on the pay window. For this example, you are paying your employee statutory sick pay.

  1. To change the amount, next to Statutory Sick Pay, select Edit details.
  2. On the Statutory Sick Pay window, select Set a different statutory sick pay value (£), then enter the amount. 
    You cannot enter a negative value.
  3. Select Save.

If you add an absence in your next pay run, Sage Payroll defaults to the calculated amount. If required, repeat the steps above to change it.

If you need help with the current rates for statutory payments, read our article Legislation changes for the 2023/2024 tax year.

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