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The Aged Debtors report

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How to use the Aged Debtors report to check how much is owed by each of your customers in Sage Accounting.


Use the Aged Debtors report to check how much you’re owed at any point in time by each of your customers.


What the report tells you

The aged debtors report shows a list of all outstanding invoices your customers haven’t yet paid you for, less any outstanding credit notes you’ve issued to your customers. It helps you determine how much money you can expect to receive from each customer. It also gives you a total amount that should reach you by a specific date.

 NOTE: Don’t forget, if you’re registered for VAT, the report includes the VAT. This is because that’s how much money you will receive from your customer.

The aged debtors report divides your unpaid invoices out by time period.

When you run an aged report, we calculate the total amount owed to you for each ageing period. Sage Accounting works out the age of a transaction from the transaction date.

Run the report

For all customers
  1. From Reporting, choose More.
  2. Select Aged Debtors.
  3. Choose the date to run the report up to. Transactions age based on this date.
  4. Choose how to sort the report:
    • by Name to see the amount owed by each customer alphabetically
    • by Outstanding amount to see who owes you the most first
  5. Select Calculate.
For a single customer

Enter the customer's name in the Search box.

Print or export the report

Select Export then choose one of the following:

  • CSV – Depending on your Internet browser, the file automatically downloads to your Downloads folder. Or you’re prompted to save the file. If prompted, browse to where you want to save the file then select Save
  • PDF – The PDF opens in a new window or tab, and you can then print or save it from your Internet browser menu

Negative amounts on the Aged debtors report

A negative amount shows on the report when your customer has an outstanding credit note that isn't allocated.

If the credit note is to pay off an outstanding invoice, go to Contacts to apply it to the correct invoice.

Show the net and VAT amounts on outstanding invoices

The aged debtors report only shows the gross value of your customer debt. Some businesses like to see the net and VAT amounts separately. This is so they can check their net income and how much they owe in tax.

To find this in Accounting, use the sales invoice list and filter it to show outstanding invoices only. Once filtered, select all the invoices and export the list to PDF or CSV file.

  1. From Sales, choose Sales Invoices.
  2. Set the date range to match your aged debtors report.
  3. From More, change the Status to Outstanding.
  4. Select the settings icon on the left of the column headers, and select Net, VAT. Select Save.
  5. Select Search.

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