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Create purchase credit notes

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Record a credit note received from a supplier in Sage Accounting for returned goods or cancelled invoices.


How this works

There are two ways to create credit notes

  • Credit a credit note. 

Use this to cancel an invoice or when the credit note exactly matches a single invoice

  • Create the credit note and match it to invoices later

Use this when your supplier has sent you credit to use against future purchases or the credit note is being used to pay more than one invoice

Once saved, match the credit note to the invoice or invoices that it's paying

Credit notes for stock items

We track your stock by recording stock movements each time stock is bought and sold. Each stock movement has a type which records whether the stock was added or removed.

When you record a credit note that includes a stock item, we create a Negative Goods In stock movement. This automatically reduces your stock level.

Read more information on how to enter the refund and match it to a payment or credit note.

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