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Recurring sales invoices

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How to save time and reduce errors using recurring invoices in Sage Accounting


Do you have repeating invoices? Do you have customers who regularly order the same thing and are sending out the same repeat invoices every month? Do you have services or subscriptions where you send out the same bill each period?

Save time and reduce errors by using Recurring Invoices. These are great for invoicing services that you deliver on a regular schedule and for products that you sell repeatedly.


When to use recurring sales invoices

Some typical examples of when to use recurring invoices

For products that you sell at regular repeated intervals, such as monthly or quarterly

For services that you deliver to a regular schedule, such as a weekly cleaning contract or quarterly maintenance contract. For example:

  • Regular window cleaning service
  • Office or domestic cleaning services
  • Maintenance contracts for appliances
  • Training or tutoring services

For subscriptions where you always send out the same bill each period

For jobs that you invoice across multiple periods such as 30, 60 and 90 days

How recurring invoices work

  • Set up the recurring invoice as a template, and add the details such as customer, due date, invoice and delivery address, products, or services etc as usual
  • Decide when you want them to recur and when you want them to stop.
    This could be every day, every other day, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc, or you can keep creating them perpetually
  • We automatically generate invoices on their scheduled day. If you opt to send them immediately, we will email them to your customers simultaneously

Things to consider

Recurring invoices can't be used for:

  • Stock items
  • Foreign currency

We won't automatically update your recurring invoice when you amend a product or customer record, as we don't know whether you want to apply these changes
To update information such as a price change, product description, delivery address or terms and conditions, edit the recurring invoice

 NOTE: Recurring invoices update changes to the invoice address automatically. 

We won't automatically update your recurring invoices if you change the IRPF rate. To change the IRPF rate on recurring invoices, you'll need to edit the rate on each recurring invoice

You can temporarily suspend sending invoices, when you don't want to generate an invoice for a period, or you need to temporarily stop the invoices being created.
Put the recurring invoice on Pause, then Resume when you want to start them again

We will automatically suspend sending invoices if you make global changes that affect the recurring invoice, such as changing tax rates or your VAT scheme. and we need to you check them before the next invoice is produced.
This will show as Action Required next to the relevant recurring invoices on the Recurring invoice tab

Read more on how to set up recurring invoices.