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Allocating existing transactions

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How to allocate existing transactions in Sage Accounting.


This article explains how to match payments, receipts or credit notes that you have already entered in Accounting but not yet used to pay or part pay an invoice or credit note.

Do this so:

  • You can see which invoices still need to be paid
  • The outstanding balance for each customer or supplier contact is accurate
  • The invoice doesn't appear on customer statements


How it works

Once matched:

  • The invoice is marked as paid or part-paid and the outstanding amount is updated
  • The balance of the customer or supplier account updated
  • If you use VAT Cash Accounting VAT scheme, the value is recorded on your next VAT return

Use the Unallocated Receipts or Payments report to identify unallocated sales receipts and purchase payments easily.

To correct allocation errors, you can unallocate a transaction, such as a wrongly assigned credit note to an invoice.

Match a single payment on account (POA) or a credit note (Crn)

Match multiple payments on account (POA) or credit notes (Crn)

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