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Import, export and update customers and suppliers

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How to import, export and update your customers and supplier contacts from a CSV file in Sage Accounting.


Import new customers and suppliers

Use this section to learn how to import new customers and supplier records from a spreadsheet (CSV file). If you want to update existing records, see Update existing customers and suppliers >

Export customers and suppliers

Update existing customers and suppliers

This section explains how to update existing customer and supplier records from a spreadsheet (CSV file).

To make sure we can identify and update existing records, we use a unique ID. To include this ID in your spreadsheet, you must export all your records first, then update the exported spreadsheet and re-import it.

This is to make sure that you avoid creating duplicates. When the Uniqiue ID column is blank, we create a new record.

  1. Export all your customer and supplier records to a spreadsheet following the steps above.
  2. Open the exported file and make your required changes and then save your file.
     TIP: To add a new record, create a new row leaving the Unique ID field blank. You can't add more than one contact person. These will need to be added manually after you import.  
  3. From the navigation bar select Contacts.
  4. Select Update Customers or Update Suppliers from the New customer or New supplier drop down.
  5. Drag and drop your updated file, or select Choose, then select Upload file.
  6. Choose how to handle empty cells in your CSV file then Continue.
  7. You'll view a summary of the file you're about to import, when you're happy select Start import.


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