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Import bank statement

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How to import bank transactions from a file downloaded from your bank in Sage Accounting.


You can use a bank statement import:

  • When your bank doesn't have a bank feed
  • If your bank feed isn't working
  • If you have historical transactions not included in your bank feed


What you need to know

  • Foreign currency bank statements can't be imported into Sage Accounting - You can only import a bank statement in your local currency
  • The accounts start date should not be after your first transactions you wish to import

Download your bank statement

Log in to your online banking service and download your bank statement.

You need to make sure you download the file as one of the following types:

Import your statement

Review bank transactions

The number of imported transactions from your statement is shown on the Banking page. Select the number to view all transactions on the incoming bank transactions page.

The Imported from statement message shows each transaction that has been imported from your bank statement.

Match, create or transfer transactions

For each transaction, you need to choose whether to:

Help with importing a statement

Once your statement has been uploaded

Once your statement has been uploaded you can also:

  • Apply bank rules to transactions to automate the process, saving you time
  • Bulk delete any duplicate transactions before importing them

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