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Connect to a Tide bank feed

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How to connect Sage Accounting to your Tide business bank account.


  1. From Banking, then your Tide Bank account, select Actions then Connect to bank.
  2. Select Tide from the listed banks shown below or use the search option.
  3. Tide will ask you to have your sign-in credentials ready. Select Continue.
  4. Plaid is the secure service we use to connect your bank with your Sage Accounting service. Select Continue.
  5. Review the types of financial data you’ll share. Select Allow.
  6. Select Continue to authenticate with Tide.
  7. Tide displays the next instructions that you'll perform on your Tide mobile app.
  8. After performing these steps on your Tide mobile app, the page will update on your computer. Select the Tide account you want to connect with Sage, then Grant Access.
  9. With the connection establised, Tide will start to share data with your Sage Accounting service. 
    tide_receiving data
  10. You'll see a summary of the account you've selected. Select Continue
  11. Enter the date you want to import transactions from. 
  12. From the Banking page, you'll see your Tide bank has been updated to show a transaction count. 

Your Tide transactions will begin to appear from the date you specified. See how bank rules can save you time in processing your transactions. Read more on how to create bank rules.

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