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Process bank transactions from bank feeds or an imported file

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How to process transactions imported from a bank feed or bank statement in Sage Accounting.


Use the Incoming Bank Transactions page to process transactions from your bank. Select the link with New transactions to access it.  


How this works

Each transaction shows the date, amount, and a reference. For money out of the account, the amount is in red.

Decide how to process each transaction. Use the Match, Create, or Transfer buttons in the middle of the transaction.

Consider setting up bank rules to process them based on your predefined criteria. Read more about bank rules.

Match to existing transactions or pay invoices

Use the Match option to:

  • Match to a payment or receipt you have already entered in Sage Accounting
  • Pay outstanding invoices

Create new transactions

Transfer between bank accounts

Use this when transferring money between bank accounts. This creates a transaction in both bank accounts. Do both bank accounts use bank feeds? Then you need to match the imported transaction with the account you transfer to or from.

  1. Select Transfer.
  2. Choose the bank account to Transfer to or Transfer from.
  3. Select the green Transfer button.

Delete transactions

If you have transactions you don't want, you can delete them. For example, you have bank transfers or transactions you've already imported or processed.

  1. Go to Banking.
  2. Select Transactions on the relevant Bank Account.
  3. Locate the relevant transaction you want to delete.
  4. Tick the checkbox to left of the Transaction(s).
  5. Scroll to the top of page and select the Delete Trashcan Icon.

Once these steps have been complete the transaction(s) no longer appear in this list.

Fix problems with your incoming transactions


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