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Resubmit a manual VAT return with Making Tax Digital (MTD)

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How to correct and resubmit a manually submitted VAT Return in Accounting Start.


If you signed up for Making Tax Digital (MTD) but accidentally submitted a VAT Return without it, HMRC won't receive the VAT Return. Follow the steps below to correct this.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you authorise Accounting Start to submit VAT returns to HMRC
  • Make a note of the figures in Boxes 1-9 on your manually submitted VAT Return

Create a new VAT Return

You cannot resubmit a VAT Return if it’s already been manually submitted. Instead, you must create a new VAT Return in order to submit your figures to HMRC.

  1. Go to More, then select VAT Returns.
  2. Select Create VAT Return. The VAT Period From and To will pre-populate if you’re connected to MTD.
  3. Select Calculate.

Adjust the VAT Return

Your VAT Return will have a Nil balance at this stage. This is because your transactions are already included on the manually submitted return. To fix this, adjust the VAT Return using the same figures from your manual VAT Return.

  1. Select Adjust for Box 1 of the VAT Return.
  2. Under Change VAT figure by, enter the figure that you noted from Box 1 on the manual return.
  3. Enter a reason for the change and select Save.
  4. Repeat these steps for each Box on the VAT Return so that your figures match the manual submission.

Submit the VAT Return, then Pay/Reclaim the VAT

Now that your VAT Return matches the manually submitted return, you’re ready to submit it to HMRC.

  1. Select Submit Online to HMRC.
  2. Choose Save.
  3. When prompted, choose Finalise, then Submit to complete the submission. We send your VAT Return directly to HMRC.
  4. Select Pay/Reclaim and enter the required details.
  5. Select Save.

Adjust your categories

When you complete the steps above, your VAT postings will duplicate. The steps below will help you post a journal entry to reverse the duplicated transactions.

  1. Go to More then click Journals.
  2. Select New Journal.
  3. Enter the category noted from the Audit Trail in the Reference field.
  4. To reverse the MTD VAT Return, enter the opposite postings to the original entry. This means a credit becomes a debit and a debit becomes a credit. 
     TIP: To find this, run a Detailed Audit Trail report. This shows the journal lines for the MTD VAT Return entry. 
  5. Save.

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