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What's new in Sage Accounts Production v21.0 (UK) and v21.1 (ROI)

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This article outlines what's new in Sage Accounts Production (SAP) v21.0 (UK) and v21.1 (ROI)


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What's new in the latest version

FRC 2021 taxonomy suite added into Sage Assisted Tagging (SAT)

We've added the FRC 2021 accounts and DPL taxonomies to SAT. Newly generated accounts will use these by default. You can update existing accounts prepared with earlier taxonomies to use these new ones.

Both HMRC and Companies House accept these taxonomies in the UK for accounts prepared in accordance with FRS 102 or FRS 105.

FRC 2014 taxonomy suite SWITCH OFF

From 23rd August 2021, Companies House and HMRC have stopped accepting accounts prepared on the FRC 2014 Taxonomy.

Clients using masters earlier than 01/04/2019, will be rejected. To avoid this please update your clients to the latest master version 01/04/2020.

Average number of employees note

This note can now be populated to disclose the average number of employees during the financial year without posting the staff costs in the Trial Balance.

A business may have directors as the only employees who may not be withdrawing the salaries. In such cases, the Average number of employees note can be updated in the Staff costs under Operating profit information database group.

SAP ROI: Directors report

Directors’ interests can now be disclosed in the ‘Directors report’ for Micro-entity (FRS105)/Abridged accounts.

SAP ROI: Audit Report

SAP current audit report wording comes from The Chartered Accountants Ireland technical alert 01/2018. A more recent technical alert has not been issued by CAI on the audit reports. However, we have identified a change in the wording that relates to legislation in the IAASA compendium auditor’s report.

Customer reported issues fixed

  • Partnership & Sole trader master 2012: incorrect flip code for PAYE control a/c 
  • UK FRS SOFP: variable change in Balance Sheet statement
  • Code 302b being used twice in staff costs note
  • SAP ROI: Micro abridged balance sheet statement missing (causing CRO rejection)
  • SAP V20.0 UK & ROI FRS LTD: Statement of compliance statement includes triennial text after 01/01/2019